Rebekah Koop

Music Therapist & Melodies & ABC's Instructor

About Rebekah

Degree: Bachelor's of Music Therapy
(Canadian Mennonite University, 2018)

Bachelors of Music
(Canadian Mennonite University, 2015)
Experience: 3+ Years teaching Music Lessons
Instruments: Piano, and Violin

Growing up, Rebekah always found herself surrounded by music. Her father and her three sisters all played stringed instruments and took piano lessons, and so there was rarely silence in the Koop household. Rebekah was no exception to this family trend, and began playing violin at the age of four. Throughout junior high and high school Rebekah was involved in numerous choirs, bands, and orchestras. Although she enjoyed all of her musical experiences, violin playing always gave her the most joy.

Rebekah graduated with a Bachelor of Music (majoring in violin and voice) from Canadian Mennonite University in 2015, and will be completing her Bachelor of Music Therapy in 2018. Aside from violin, Rebekah also has training in: voice, clarinet, saxophone, guitar, piano, music history, and music theory. Although Rebekah was primarily trained in the Suzuki violin approach, her pedagogy is to use an integrative approach that meets the needs of each individual student.