6-12 months

About this Course

Age: 6-12 months
Activities: Singing, Dancing, Instruments, Books, etc..
Benefits: Sensory Stimulation, Bonding, Language Acquisition and more
Price: $130 for Winter Semester

Children's Outcomes

  • Exposure to a variety of sensory stimulation
  • Beginning clapping waving and reaching
  • Language acquisition
  • Supported standing
  • Bonding with parent

Parent/Guardian’s Outcomes

  • Learn a variety of new songs to sing/play with child at home
  • Introduction to new musical stories
  • Meet other parents
  • Parental growth and family bonding

Manipulatives used

  • Age appropriate bells/shakers
  • Gathering drum
  • Guitar
  • Recorded music
  • Books
  • Etc.


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