Intro to Ukulele (5-6 year olds)

About this Course

Age: 5-6 year olds
Pre-req: Minimum 2 semesters of 4-5 yr old classes and a min age of 5 years old, Intro to piano
Benefits: Introduction to ukulele, Reading music/tab, Playing chords
Price: $150 for Winter Semester

Children's Outcomes

  • Transfer of general musical knowledge and skill to ukulele
  • Able to play simple songs
  • Following and creating 3 step directions
  • Beginning of reading music/tab
  • Able to play 3-6 chords
  • Introduction to strum patterns

Parent/Guardian’s Outcomes

  • Introduction to the specific instruments
  • Low risk investment to see if our child is interested in music lessons and which instrument they are best suited for.
  • Parental growth and family bonding

Manipulatives used

  • Ukulele
  • Visual Aids


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